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Swan Luxury Boat Rentals

Swan Luxury
Boat Rentals

Swan luxury boat rentals is based in Halkidiki in Northern Greece.
  • The company was founded in order to offer you an unforgettable experience with brand new and luxury boats in the unique complex of islands, which is formed opposite Vourvourou.

  • You can experience the amazing scenery of Vourvourou by driving a boat yourself, since there is no need for a driving license. If driving seems too hard for you can trust one of our well-trusted and talented drivers and enjoy the ride. The endless blue of Sithonia along with the Sun create a unique feel of freedom and comfort

  • Just some miles far from Vourvourou, you can find Diaporos the biggest of the 9 islands in the region. Its visitors are enchanted by its blue waters and its exotic beaches. By renting a boat, our clients have the opportunity to be photographed in these exotic places. The combination of colors with the summer mood create the perfect conditions that have to be captured.

  • Swan luxury boat rentals invites all our friends to experience this journey and will be happy to be part of this unique memory.