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Halkidiki is a beautiful peninsula, located in the northern part of Greece. The area is well- known for its abundant natural beauty that attracts both sea and mountain lovers.

If you want to discover the beauties of Halkidiki, there is no better place to stay than Vourvourou. From there, you gain access to a lengthy coastline of sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters. And the most undeniable way to explore it is definitely by renting a boat in Vourvourou.

There are so many places that you can visit from Vourvourou with a rental boat. From famous
beaches to small islands, you have plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we have
hand-picked and present you with the top boat trip destinations from Vourvourou.

#1 Blue Lagoon
One of the most breathtaking destinations for your boat trip from Vourvourou is Blue Lagoon. Located in the strait created by the islands Diaporos and Agios Isidoros, the area is an exotic
place. What makes it so impressive is the combination of the off-white sand of the seabed with the turquoise and crystal-clear waters. Diving straight from your boat into Blue Lagoon is an
experience you shouldn’t miss.

#2 Karydi Beach
Many boats from Vourvourou add Karydi Beach to their itineraries because it is a beach with abundant scenic beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. Karydi is mostly known for its soft, white
sand and clear, shallow waters. The beach is also surrounded by lush greenery and pine trees that create a fabulous backdrop for your boat trip.

#3 Myrsini Beach
Myrsini Beach is one of the most magnificent beaches found on Diaporos island that you have to add to your itinerary. You will also find it mentioned as White Beach or Hawaii due to its exotic scenery. The beach consists of white sand, sanded rocks that are whitened by the sun, and a lush pine grove.

#4 Diaporos Island
Diaporos island is one of the top boat trip destinations from Vourvourou and with good reason. Apart from Blue Lagoon and Myrsini Beach, on Diaporos island, you will find numerous beaches with soft, white sand, as well as small coves and tranquil bays. This small island located in the northern part of Vourvourou bay holds many surprises for anyone eager to explore it.

#5 Peristeri Island
On the northern side of Diaporos island, you will find a couple of beautiful islets, one of which is Peristeri. The small island is definitely one of the hidden gems of the region, and this is why you need to include it in your boat trip from Vourvourou. Peristeri features two sandy beaches and a lighthouse, while the area is known for its biodiversity.

#6 Kryfto Bay
Kryfto Bay, as its name suggests, is a natural bay that creates a hidden area. Located in the northern part of Diaporos island, it is an area that combines natural beauty with history, featuring the Basilica of St. Andreas.

With Vourvourou as your base, you can start discovering the Sithonia sea and its hidden treasure. Rent a boat from Swan Luxury Boat Rentals and plan the perfect itinerary!

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